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Check out a few of our most frequently asked questions! If there's a question you may have that is not answered, please contact us!

What poles are available for rental?

There is a list of available poles for rent. The list can be sent to the Coach or Athlete, or you can also find them on our 'Rental Information' tab.


How long can I rent a pole for?

Poles can be rented for a weekend, week, month, or the length of the high school or college track season.


What is the cost for renting a pole(s)?

The cost depends on how long you are renting the pole. The rental price is on the list with poles available for rent. Poles are rented on a first come/first paid-in-full basis.


How do I rent a pole or poles for my high school track season?

Talk to your high school coach to determine which pole or poles will work for you. Have your coach talk with the Athletic Director for approval to rent poles and determine who will pay the rental cost – School, Coach, Athlete/Parent.


Once the Pole Rental is approved, what’s next?

Contact me, Shawn Buss – Fly Higher Pole Rental, for the Rental Waiver and Rental Invoice to be filled out and signed. Payment will need to accompany the completed waiver and rental invoice.


When can my coach or myself pick up the rented poles?

Once all forms are completed and payment has been made via cash, check, credit card or school purchase order number, you can pick up your poles or a location for pick up can be determined.


Can I change poles during the track season if I need a bigger or smaller pole?

Yes, poles can be switched out (based on availability) for a $10 pole switch out fee to be paid at the time of the pole switch out.


Once the pole is picked up, what happens if the pole is lost, stolen, damaged, or broken during the rental time?

The full cost to replace the pole is the responsibility of the renter (coach, school, parent, athlete) minus the rental fee already paid.


When do the rented pole(s) need to be returned and where do they get returned to?

Poles should be returned within a week following the end of the track season or after the state meet. Please contact Shawn to arrange a drop off or pick up time and/or location.

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